Mrs. Marge Kocik

The northeast comer of 8 Mile Rd. and Gratiot (once known as East Detroit) used to have a big amusement park, dance hall, and golf course called Eastwood Gardens. My husband Steve and I had several dates there during the early 1940's. Little did we know that one day we would live near what used to be the 13th hole of the golf course. Eastwood Gardens was torn down, and in 1954 a new residential neighborhood was built called Ridgemont subdivision. Steve and I, with our children, Bob and Diane, built a new home on Lincoln Avenue two blocks east of St Veronica Catholic Church. We are one of the original residents of that new subdivision and Diane and I still reside in the same home. We have been parishioners of St. Veronica since 1954 when mass was then held in the school gym, and contributed to thebuilding of the beautiful new church built by Fr. Leo Huver in 1958. We celebrated the opening of the church at that time, and have attended many  masses, holidays, festivals, bingos, crafts shows, and other events through the years. My husband Steve (Kocik Upholstering) contracted with Bishop Donovan to recover all the furniture in the rectory in the early 1960's. His small furniture company listed in the church paper for many years giving discounts and perks to St Veronica's parishioners.

St Veronica has been an important and comforting part of lives for 57 years. And one of the most beautiful cathedral-like churches around. We've been very happy here at St. Veronica, continue to wish great success and prosperity to the Diocese, Our Pastor, and all our parishioners.

Happy Anniversary St Veronica, and thanks for the memories!

Mrs. Marge K Kocik,

Eastpointe, MI