Ms. Diane Kocik

I was five years old in 1954 when my parents (Marge and Steve Kocik) built a new home on Lincoln Avenue in East Detroit (now Eastpointe). It was two blocks away from St. Veronica Catholic Church and School where my brother Bob and I both attended. Bob graduated from St Veronica in 1957 and I graduated in 1962. Bob played in the band under Mr. Egan, and also spent a short time on the football team. (GO Vikings!) I sang in the church choir for many years and played intramural basketball on Saturday mornings. I also remember cleaning the large brass candles in the sacristy during many school lunch hours. Since we stayed outside on the school grounds during lunch, it got pretty cold during the winter months! So we gladly helped out in the church where it was nice and warm! I started here in the 4th grade and had five happy years at St. Veronica School, and many memories and stories to tell.

I knew Fr. Huver, and I know how hard he worked to build this beautiful Church! We were all so saddened in 1958 when he passed away – but how happy we all were at the beautiful legacy he left us! My family was there when the church was completed and opened to its parishioners. We had many nice pastors, nuns and teachers through the years, and we became good friends with Sr. Marcine, whose dedication to St Veronica is very much remembered and appreciated.

I was also there when the school doors closed - as I sadly walked the halls remembering my school days. My mother and I are still living in the same home we built in 1954. We're one of the last "originals" that were here when it all started – and are part of the proud history of this Parish. My faith still means a lot to me, and I'm grateful to have been part of such a beautiful Church for the last 57 years.

Happy Anniversary St. Veronica! May you stand in peace and protection, and may the Lord preserve the Catholic Church forever!

 Ms. Diane. R. Kocik,