Art Stockwell

My parents, Grace and George Stockwell, started at St. Veronica in the 1950’s when they moved to Veronica street. I am the oldest of
four children, all of whom attended school at St. Veronica until going to East Detroit High School. My mom, being an Irish Catholic, made sure
we were a Christian family.

My wife, Debbie, and I have lived in Clinton Township for over 35 years now, and I was going to St. Michael’s for a while. I asked my
wife if she would start going to church with me. She agreed and we were going to St. Michael’s but she wanted to come back to St.
Veronica because of the more traditional Church and Mass. We had been back to St. Veronica’s for one thing or another and we both
knew what a beautiful parish it is. My wife said, “if we go to St. Veronica’s she will go with me every week”, and that we have done.

I have quite a few memories as I enter. Childhood memories of my First Communion, Confirmation,being an Alter Boy and remembering Masses being said in Latin. The most significant would be my wedding day on May 29, 1969, when I married Deborah Melan.

That happened to be on a Thursday the day before Memorial Day which, at that time, was always observed on May 30th. On that day, Fr.
Rakoczy performed our ceremony right after a thunderstorm and I remember how it cleared up. And became very humid to be inside the
Church dressed in a tux, but a wonderful day none the less!.

I have been a member of St. Veronica for 55 years on and off!
Art Stockwel